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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best supplements for size. Want a Bigger Penis

Best supplements for size

Best supplements for size

Having problems with your penis size? Thinking of starting on a penile growth pill program soon? There are various reasons why you should not just follow the herd and spend hundreds of dollars on the "best" growth supplement. Because if you really want real results in getting a bigger penis, swallowing pills all day is never the solution.

The penile growth pill is one of the most aggressively marketed male enhancement product available today. And sad to say, it is also one of the more popular methods men chose to enhance their manhood. Why? Because it does not get any easier than just popping a pill or two down your throat every day.

But the question is, do these pills really work? Let me tell you something... up to this day, the Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) has never approved of any male enhancement pill that is being sold on the Internet. This in itself can give you a clue as to the effectiveness of these products.

Because in order to get a stamp of approval by the FDA, a product has to be rigorously tested and proven to work. Why do you think none of the pills selling today are given the nod by the FDA? That's right... none of them bring about the results that they promise on their fancy advertisements!

That aside, a more serious issue is how safe consuming these pills are in the long run. Again, the point about the FDA not saying yes to any of the present medication only serves to warn you that the content of the pill itself is highly dubious. In fact, a couple of lab tests have shown a majority of these pills are actually contaminated with toxic content.

So instead of helping you achieve a desirable increase in your penis size, taking these growth pills will only bring you harm and burn a hole in your wallet!

What then can help you achieve growth to your manhood? How about exercising your penis?

Sure it may take you a little more effort to perform the stretching and massaging exercises on your male organ each morning. But different from merely taking growth supplements, exercise IS scientifically proven to work - even doctors recommend their patients to consider exercising their penis in order to enhance its size and health.

Best supplements for size

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