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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grew my penis. Penis Jelqing

Grew my penis

Grew my penis

Let's go over penis jelqing and what it can do to increase your penis size by at least an inch, usually more (1-4 inches is generally the gains to expect). It's actually fairly easy to do. Let's check it out.

1. First you need to warm your penis up, or wake him up. You need to achieve a semi erect state. Gentle shaking and massaging usually works well. Not too much though, you do not want to achieve a "full" erection. Shoot for around the 60-70% erection mark.

2. Next you want to lube up. Use your preferred lubrication and apply it generously. This will make things safe and you will avoid chaffing or causing rashes to occur. So lube up and you'll be ready for number 3.

3. Thirdly, are the penis jelqing exercises themselves. Once you are semi erect and lubed up good and well, you can start going to work. The exercises basically consist of repeated massaging motions done with your hands. Usually a circle is formed with your fingers (join your thumb and forefinger together on one hand to make a circle). Your penis goes all the way inside that circle. Start your circle at the base of the penis and apply gentle pressure towards the head, then release. Switch to the other hand, make a circle, start at base, and repeat.

This is basically the essence of penis jelqing. Easy as 1-2-3 right? Well, while the basics are pretty easy, there are some tricks and tips here and there to get really effective results as quickly as possible.

But the overall key is really consistency and commitment. Most guys will try the jelq exercises a few times and then give up. You really have to stick with them, be consistent and committed, and then the gains will follow.

Grew my penis

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