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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to make my penis grow fast. Penis Workout

How to make my penis grow fast

How to make my penis grow fast

If you want to make your penis bigger then knowing about a penis workout will help you. There is a lot of controversy surrounding penis workouts; some claim they work very well and others claim they don't work at all. In this article I'm going to reveal the truth about penis exercises so that you can get the biggest gains possible. For me they didn't work at all until I discovered the key to unlocking huge penile workout gains. Want to know more? Read on...

The Penis Workout - The Facts

The truth behind penis workouts is that they only work if you do a number of things specifically. Some people do jelqing exercises and find that they are making consistent gains whereas other people do lots of penile workouts and see no gains whatsoever. The difference between the two groups of men obviously marks the difference between success and failure. But why do some men see gains when others don't?

The difference is essentially age. Younger men see more gains than older men. However, it really isn't that simple. The real reason is the levels of certain biochemicals in the blood. If you're younger then you have more of a certain sexual neurotransmitter in the brain. This neurotransmitter causes a chain-reaction of biochemicals in the blood which results in causing penis growth.

With this information in mind it becomes obvious that exercises don't cause gains at all - the blood does. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, exercises have a very important function: They get the blood to the penis. If the blood is nutrient-rich then the exercises are indirectly responsible for faster penis growth. The best way to prepare your blood is to look at one of the natural enlargement systems out there.

Penis Workout - The Ultimate Routine

Because exercises serve that purpose they don't need to be too difficult or advanced. The simplest method is the best. Get a 50% erection and grip around the base of the penis, trapping the blood in the shaft. Then milk the penis to the tip. This is jelqing and you should spend 15 minutes doing it a day. Start your penis workout today and you may see results sooner than you first think!

How to make my penis grow fast

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