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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to naturally extend your penis. Would You Like to Add 3 Or 4 Inches to Your Size

How to naturally extend your penis

How to naturally extend your penis

The benefits of having a bigger penis are numerous - it will give you more confidence, make you feel like a true man, allow you to have better sex etc. These are just a few of the great things that make it seem like a great idea and there are many more too. With all of these benefits in mind, who wouldn't want a bigger manhood? Whether you want to add 1 inch or 4 inches, this article will give you the help you need to make your dreams a reality.

The majority of products on the market aren't really all they are made up to be. Advertiser will have you believe that products such as pills and patches are the way to increase your size but the problem is they don't actually work. The bottom line is, they simply can't work because they don't focus on what really matters. If you want to get a bigger manhood, then there is only one method that will really help you achieve this and this is natural enlargement.

Natural enhancement works because it focuses on your body. After all, it's your body that will need to grow if you want a bigger penis, so it is important to remember this. So, how can you kick start this growth? First of all you will need to prepare your body for what is about to take place and this means ensuring that you are increasing your intake of certain minerals such as zinc and iron. What we are aiming for is to emulate the way that the body reacted during puberty. This was the last time your body went through a period of natural growth and the cause of this growth was biochemicals. When you follow a natural enhancement program, you will see how you can replenish these biochemicals and this will restart the growth all over again.

To achieve maximum gains of 3 and 4 inches, you should also get a strict exercise regime as this will help to get all of these biochemicals to where they can really make a difference - in your penis. So, if you're not the size you've always dreamed of, just give natural enhancement a go, and you soon will be.

How to naturally extend your penis

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ThatsPersonal01 Mumbai said...

The exercises involved in the process are very simple and usually do not have side effects. The most common exercise in practice is the milking exercise where the milking action is done with the penis to increase its size. It is better if one uses lubricant in this exercise. The exercise is done in the flaccid state and the thumb and index finger is used to make a ring sort of structure and from the base of the penis to the tip this ring is pushed applying very low pressure just in an effort to elongate the blood vessels so that they may take in more blood than their usual capacity. It is repeated for 15 times at least each lasting 12-15 secs. There is also an exercise with weights where lightweights are hung fromthe penis for a long time but it is not recommended because it affects the elasticity of the muscles and causes problems. With context male sex toys i.e. penis extenders and penis pumps
, there is only one thing that many of those do not work and even if they work, they have many side effects which make their usage not so safe and reliable. A proper diet should be followed if one is going for such therapy and this diet should only be decided by the help of your doctor.

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