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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Enlargement your penis. How to Improve Penis Size Through Jelqing

Enlargement your penis

Enlargement your penis

In this article we are going to discuss jelqing your way to a bigger penis. Sound strange or painful? It shouldn't - as jelqing has not only been around for centuries, it's actually been used by men throughout just about ever culture and continent to add size and strength to your anatomy, as well as add extra enjoyment to sex as well.

So what is jelqing really?

It's very simply an exercise, or a series of movements that are designed to force more blood through the corposa caversnos in the penis. (the large chamber which holds most of the blood while erect)

How it Jelqing Done?

Very simply! Most basic or beginner techniques require that you make an "ok" sign with your dominant hand, and in short intervals (2-3 seconds per motion) bring this hand from the base of your penis in through the glans on top. There are actually many different permutations of jelqing, but this is the easiest way to start, and the best way to "self -verify" that this is a good approach for you.

Is Jelqing Safe?

It absolutely is. It's sort of similar to asking, "are push ups safe" or yoga exercises. Of course understanding your own body is important, and you want to be careful not to over do it, but I've never personally felt even the slightest bit of pain, nor has anyone else I've come across in my work online with men's health and male enhancement issues overall. And even more importantly, it's completely natural, and FAR safer (and much more effective) than using a pump, pulley, potion or lotion for sure.

Enlargement your penis

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