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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to icrease penis size. Penis Enlargement

How to icrease penis size

How to icrease penis size

In a previous article (Penis Enlargement & Exercises - Pure Fantasy or Reality?) we discussed the theory of plasticity in relation to the biomedical-engineering potential of natural-penis enlargement. In another article (Penis Enlargement & Exercises - Is the Penis a "Muscle" or Not?) we discussed the absence of a baculum (penis bone) in the human male.

Let's try and tie some of this together and make some logic out of it.

Man's most common genetic relative is the ape family. To narrow it down, it's the chimpanzee. But even our closest relative (the chimp and apes -- all other primates) has a baculum or "penis bone" in order to create an erection.

Yet, man was not endowed with a penis bone. Instead, he was given something very few mammals have - and that's the ability to create an erection without the aid of an internal bone. Man gets his erection by engorging his penis with blood. He does not need a piece of bone to do it.

Why is it that our closest-genetic relatives need a piece of bone to get an erection; yet the human male does not rely on this process?

Part of it is the foreplay involved that helps a man reach a state of arousal (erection). It helps bond him with his partner and creates an environment (where the partners stay together) to help raise their offspring (children).

It also means that God gave man something he didn't give to our closest-genetic relatives -- The ability to enlarge the size of the male penis. If one relies on a penis bone to get an erection, then unless you surgically replace that bone, the size of the penis will never get bigger.

But with the elasto-plastic structure of the human male penis, it was designed so that it can be enlarged. And enlarged, naturally. It's a God-given ability every man was born with -- And there's a reason why men were endowed with this gift.

How to icrease penis size

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