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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make flaccid penis bigger. Desperately Want to Make Your Penis Bigger

Make flaccid penis bigger

Make flaccid penis bigger

I would hazard a guess that the majority of guys are pretty skeptical about penis enlargement exercises and if you're one them I don't blame you. Surely if this were true, guys would have been using exercises to make their penis bigger for centuries! That was exactly what I thought until I discovered, guess what...guys have been using penis enlargement exercises for centuries!

It is believed that exercising to enlarge your penis naturally dates back a number of centuries to the Kings and rulers of the middle-eastern countries and men have been using them ever since. Therefore in this article i would like to introduce you to 2 fantastic, but little known, exercises to make your penis bigger.

1) Dry Milk - To perform this exercise you should have your penis approximately 50%-60% erect. Touch your thumb and forefinger together to form an OK sign and then wrap this grip around your penis. Then slowly wrap the other fingers around your penis. This should push plenty of blood into the penis head and it may even become extremely red. This is a good sign. Then gently start to make small tugging movements on your manhood and away from your body. Aim for 100 short tugs and then rest for a minute and repeat.

This exercise can make your penis bigger in 2 ways. Firstly the pressure you are applying will engorge the whole penis, especially the head, with blood. Many of the cells and tissues are almost elasticated and spongy in texture. Over time this regular action can force these cells to expand and grow. Eventually this will naturally enlarge your penis. Secondly the small tugging movements are focused on stretching the ligaments that surround the penis. Additionally this movement can help to draw, the much talked about "inner penis", out from the body.

2) Horse 440 - This is actually a combination of 2 of the more basic exercises to enlarge your penis. Namely the jelq and the kegel. Once again form an OK sign and wrap this around your penis. This time you are aiming for an erection level of between 50%-75% and your manhood should be lubricated. Just apply some vaseline intensive care or baby oil to your member. Also make sure that you do NOT wrap the other fingers around your penis, just the OK grip.

Next you want to make a milking type movement down the shaft of your penis while simultaneously squeezing your PC muscle (imagine you are trying to stop yourself from urinating). Stop this movement just before the head. Immediately perform the exercise again with your other hand. Repeat using alternate hands until you have once again performed 100 reps. Rest for 3-4 minutes and repeat.

These 2 exercises are not as well known as many others, but have served me extremely well. Exercising however, is not just a one-time thing. You can't expect to perform one or two sets today and have a huge manhood by tomorrow morning. For the best results and to enlarge your penis naturally, you should be performing 15-30 minutes of various exercises for 5 days a week. If you carry on using these exercises for a few weeks to a few months, you will then make your penis bigger.

Make flaccid penis bigger

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