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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ways to make a penis bigger. Penis Pumps Vs SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Ways to make a penis bigger

Ways to make a penis bigger

There are many men out there interested in products that claim to increase the size of their penis. While there is certainly no shortage of products available, the penis pump continues to be one of the most popular in terms of what most men are trying out. However, in recent years, penis pumps have started to take the back seat to devices such as the SizeGenetics Penis Extender, which has continually proven its dominance in the market. The question is, what is the difference between the average penis pump and the SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

Perhaps the biggest difference of all when comparing the two is the certifications that the SizeGenetics device has in comparison to the average penis pump available on the market. Unlike the average pump or device, I have discovered that the SizeGenetics device is actually a medical type 1-enlargement device that has been clinically proven. This means that the device carries the European CE mark, which is awarded only to products that meet extremely strict products within the European Union. Using contemporary orthopedic surgery principles, I haven't seen many products available with this type of clinically testing and medical approval.

The medical community has really embraced the SizeGenetics device and this is one of the main differences between it and penis pumps. The fact of the matter is most doctors and members of the medical community tend to stay away from recommending these types of male enhancement products for the simple fact that the science has never truly been proven or clinically tested. However, when it comes to SizeGenetics, there have actually been dozens of doctors all over the globe carrying out their own clinical trials and providing proof that the product actually works.

Another noticeable difference when comparing SizeGenetics and other penis pumps is the engineering of the products. The majority of the products that I have reviewed are generally poorly constructed and often uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time. This is one of the major benefits of the SizeGenetics Penis Extender and truly one of the main reasons that it has become so extremely popular within the male enhancement industry lately. Of course all of the success stories and great reviews its beginning to receive online have certainly not hurt its reputation either.

Ways to make a penis bigger

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