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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Best penis enlargement methods. How Important is Penis Size to Women

Best penis enlargement methods

Best penis enlargement methods

By now, you should already have a good idea that the size of your penis really is important contrary to what some may tell you. Usually women will tell you that it's not that important and that your size is okay. They will tell you this to your face because most of them are considerate of other people's feelings.

However, when you ask women that remain anonymous or have no bias for the person asking the questions you will get different results in opinions. The prime example is by conducting polls or surveys. A couple things collected by various surveys are:

- around 50% of all women have either refused to have sex with or dumped a partner due to penis size

- 90% of women are not completely satisfied sexually with their partner

- most women said that penis size is a weighing factor on whether they will date somebody

- some women say they could overlook the small penis size if the man has a lot of success or money

So, to answer the question "is penis size important?" - This really depends on a matter of opinion and circumstances.

Obviously, it doesn't make a man who they are as a person. And frankly you probably don't want to spend a lot of time with a woman who only cares about this one aspect. However, the men who are much more endowed may have a competitive edge.

Women are more sexual beings that we think. That's the basis for their opinions on this matter and sexuality. Another thing to consider is that women believe that a man with a larger penis appears more confident and in touch with himself. Thus, making him appear more healthy and able.

Best penis enlargement methods

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