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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Best way to increase penile size. Confused About Growing A Bigger Penis

Best way to increase penile size

Best way to increase penile size

Growing a bigger penis is something that is on the minds of millions of men these days. Most men are taking action by trying out several different types of enlargement methods to help increase their sizes. You have pumps, extenders, clamps, hanging weights, pills, surgery, and penis exercises. The problem is that many men are choosing the wrong methods to make their manhood grow larger and they end up with minimal results, no results, or they end up with several side-effects, lots of pain, and in some cases, diseases (such as Peyronies Disease). All of this usually will have men feeling very confused about what truly does work to make the penis grow bigger... naturally. So, that's what I hope to help clear up for you today...

What Goes For Your Body, Goes For Your Penis...

Now what the heck does that mean?! Well, if you have ever been confused about how you should approach getting your manhood to a larger size, simply think about what it is you would do to improve the overall health and composition of your body. If you want to burn body fat, lose weight, and build muscle, what would you do? You would do proper dieting and exercising, right?

Guess what?

That's EXACTLY what it takes to make your penis grow bigger. It doesn't take pumping tools, extending tools, clamping devices, hanging weights, dangerous pills, and EXTREMELY expensive surgical procedures. Now sure, those methods may in fact help you increase by maybe an inch, but this is not going to come without consequences (pain, side-effects, diseases, discomfort, disfigurement, impotence, improper blood flow, no permanent growth, and more)!

So How Do You Put This In Action?

Well, as far as dieting is concerned, what you want to make sure you are doing is eating more foods that will help with increasing blood circulation. Why is that? Well, your corpora cavernosa chambers (the two chambers that run the length of your penis and are responsible for generating erections and are also what makes your penis thicker) fill up with blood in order to expand during an erection. If you have better blood flow, then more blood will circulate into your penile chambers.

What foods are good to eat? Well, for one, I highly recommend you cut down (or eliminate) processed foods since these types of foods will not only cause you to gain weight, fat, and end up with diseases, they will also have an effect on your penis growing bigger. The foods I do recommend for you to eat are plenty of raw fruits and veggies. Try to get a serving of each with every meal you eat during the day.

What about exercising? Well, I'm not talking about exercising for your body (even though building muscle and doing high intensity cardio certainly could help), I'm talking about doing actual exercises for your penis.

Penis hand exercises is the best thing you could do to naturally enlarge the size of your manhood. The reason why is because of several reasons:

A.) It's 100% natural.
B.) It's safer.
C.) There are no side-effects with this method (unless you do the exercises for too long or if you do them the wrong way).
D.) The results are more significant.
E.) The results that are gained will last permanently for life.

The reason why exercising the manhood is so powerful is because these exercise routines will:

  • Expand the corpora cavernosa chambers.
  • Extend the ligament of the penis.
  • Strengthen the puboccocygeus muscle.
  • Increase blood flow.
  • And will do all the above naturally.
  • As you can see, the heart of the reason penis hand exercises makes more sense than other methods is because doing these routines will bring about FULL enhancement with the manhood (it doesn't focus on JUST length or JUST thickness, etc.).

    Bottom line, if you have been confused about how you should approach increasing your size, then simply think about what it is you would do to better your overall body. And that would be a better diet and effective exercises. Also, the other parts of improving your body (drinking more water, getting plenty of sleep, taking natural supplements, etc.) can in fact help with the development of your penis as well.

    Best way to increase penile size

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