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Monday, May 6, 2013

Before and after penis enlargment. Penis Enlargement Exercises

Before and after penis enlargment

Before and after penis enlargment

Penis Enlargement Exercises: This can't be real, can it? This will probably be your first reaction when you read the title of this article. But, part of you still clicked to find out what I am going to talk about. That might be because you are generally just curious, or you have a small penis and feel ashamed, alone, isolated and ready to do whatever it takes to get the final piece of the jigsaw you feel you are missing.

Not everyone is born with a porn star penis, although some are, the majority of us certainly aren't. You may hear your partner say '"ts Ok honey, size doesn't matter, I love you the way you are in bed."

Now, I really use to hate this kind of talk. I know I had a small penis, that last thing I needed was someone talking to me like a child - this wasn't going to cure my depression or boast my confidence.

I needed the truth, an answer to this embarrassing problem so I could really be the best lover possible for my wife. Love is based firstly on emotion with us, but I wanted to give her that physical relationship she graved as a sexual being.

After joining a support group for guys with a similar problem, one of the men left the group and came back a few months later extremely happy - more than normal. He sat us all down and told us he had been following a penis enlargement programme - which was shunned in the support group. The last thing we needed was a guy with a large penis in the circle.

He showed us this programme and a few of us tried it out for ourselves. Despite being a little more than sceptical - I cried when I saw the results after a while. The measuring tape said I had got bigger, I could see I had gotten bigger, My wife saw I had gotten bigger. - It was working, these exercises were actually working!!

And this can work for you!

Before and after penis enlargment

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