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Monday, May 13, 2013

How do you make your penis bigger. How Do I Enlarge My Penis

How do you make your penis bigger

How do you make your penis bigger

Do you want to enlarge your penis? Well, if you are like 90% of men out there, the answer is probably a resounding yes. I was, and there are so many methods advertised to enlarge your penis. Most of them are scams. And I have tried them all pretty much, except surgery which I fortunately wasn't desperate enough to attempt. Finally I found the one method that did what it promised and was finally able to permanently enlarge my penis. Take it from someone who has tried all the scams out there and found an effective solution.

My first aim is to warn you about methods that promise you the moon and the stars, only to leave you firmly on the ground! The following methods are what you should avoid so as not to waste hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and also to avoid injuring yourself.

So what dangerous methods don't work?
By far, the worst method, barring surgery is using penis weights. Nothing can be as unsafe as hanging a 5, 10 or 20 pound weight of your penis, which is probably little or average. Imagine that! It's like trying to bench press 400 pounds when you are weigh 100 pounds. The chances are you will get injured. The weights will distend the ligaments in your penis. You are also at risk of getting stretch marks on your penis, being deformed or losing partial or full function and becoming impotent.

Next to penis weights, the next most dangerous method to enlarge your penis is penis pumps. Pumps are not scams-but they are not for men who want to increase their penises. They are for men who have trouble getting erections. You place the pump on your penis and suck out the air in the pump. The pressure difference between the inside of the pump and your penis is what causes your penis to become filled with blood. So your penis looks bigger - but the effect is temporary. In less than 1 hour your penis will be back to its normal size. There is nothing permanent about pumps except the damage you can cause to your penis. You can burst blood vessels or capillaries in your penis and again with misuse, you risk losing the function of your penis all together.

So what method should you use?
The best method that added size to my penis finally was natural exercises. Ironically, this was the last method I took seriously because I assumed, I would have to spend an hour plus everyday - I only spent a minutes everyday. However, I was very consistent. That is what really gave me results, constant exercising and not skipping a day! The best part I liked about it was that the exercises are 100% natural and all I needed were my bare hands.

How do you make your penis bigger

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