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Monday, May 20, 2013

Penis girth extension. Want a Thicker Penis

Penis girth extension

Penis girth extension

Do you want a thicker penis? Are you confused about what component of "size" is really important to begin with? And why do so many male enlargement products focus on length....rather than girth? Is there a conspiracy to keeping you small? In this article we are going to talk about how to get a thicker, wider penis, and the biggest MYTH about getting a larger manhood that there is! (and why believing it could be the biggest reason you are staying small to boot!) Care to know more? Great....continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Making Your Penis Thicker is Actually EASY (far easier than making it longer)

As a matter of fact, if you think about it yourself, you'll probably see why in an instant. The penis is primarily comprised of spongy tissue. This spongy tissue, when "stressed" or subjected to exercise, thickens or becomes "tougher". How? I'm NOT a doctor, but the notion is that much like any other area of your anatomy, the cells break down, divide and re grow thicker than they were at the start. And as this process is repeated, the thickening becomes more pronounced......adding more girth, or more toughness to the tissue, which obviously will then stress and add robustness to the appearance and physical structure of the organ.

The same "laws" apply to any other area of your body that is similar in structure as well........and if you look at your own anatomy, it's FAR easier to see how thickness cna be built, rather than length. (which seems to require an un-natural stretching that doesn't look or feel as intuitive) It can be done of course.....but in my experience, natural exercise for girth, width and circumference size are amongst the EASIEST gains there are to get!

The biggest LIE in the enlargement universe?

That length is important at all! It's really not...and just about every study and sexual survey reflects that women GREATLY appreciate a thicker more dense penis over a long one. Why? Because most of HER most sensitive nerve endings are on the outer edges of the vagina....and NOT deeper down at all, where additional length would matter. (in really doesn't and if often a waste to even try)

For appearance purposes....a longer manhood may be nice. And you can certainly accommodate that through exercise. But for raw and pure power and sexual pleasure, a thicker, wider and more robust anatomy is what you want. (even if all of those overpriced enlargement products haven't figured it out yet..:-)

Penis girth extension

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