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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Permanent enlargement. Every Penis Enlargement FAILS Without This ONE Key Component

Permanent enlargement

Permanent enlargement

Penis enlargement product success stories are few and far between. The statistics for men who have used penis enlargement products that deliver growth of an inch or over of length within six months are:

Penis Enlargement Pills - 0.0%
Penis Enlargement creams/patches - 0.0%
Penis Hanging weights - 0.4%
Penis Extenders - 0.7%
Penis Exercises - 1.5%

Why Are The Results So Low?

You may be surprised to see results that show such low figures of ''success'', you might not even class an inch growth as success. All of the products fail because men who are over the age of 21 lack the key growth hormones in the body to support any form of growth to the penis. This is why the results are so poor. Extenders and weights are considered as a failure as an enlargement because it's actually the skin being stretched and not the penis. Even though those 0.7% of men saw growth of an inch, they will have suffered with poor erections and possibly impotence.


Exercises are undoubtedly the most successful path to getting a bigger penis, but the only way you can get true success out of penis enlargement is by combining exercises with a biochemical system that replaces those vital growth hormones back into the body that support penis growth.

Once those biochemicals are back in the body, there is an anabolic explosion of growth as the body thinks that it's back in puberty.

Using exercises alone without biochemicals and hormones is like trying to make a flower grow with just water and sunshine. You need the soil with those key nutrients and minerals in order for the flower to grow. The penis works the same way like that, it needs to have the base nutrients to grow off. So don't neglect your penis anymore!

Permanent enlargement

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