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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Secrets to penis growth. How to Increase Normal Penis Size

Secrets to penis growth

Secrets to penis growth

There are many methods that claim to increase normal penis size. Let's look closer at each method to find out which ones can get you extra size, and which methods are a waste of time and money, or are simply too dangerous to even try.

1. Pills - Penis pills are advertised widely in magazines, television infomercials, and on the internet. Do they work? Not really. They mostly contain useless herbs which despite the claims, do nothing for increasing size. So what's the hype all about? Well, it's basically called "the placebo effect".

2. Pumps - Penis pumps are contraptions which you place your penis in, and then, you guessed it, you start pumping away. Besides the obvious questions of safety, do pumps actually work? Well, not really. While they may have some benefit for size, the gains are generally not that great to back up the claims of bigger size. But the main problem with pumps is the danger factor. You have to be extremely careful, and for most guys the risks are simply not worth it.

3. Exercises - Penis exercises are different than both pill popping and penis pumping. With exercises you don't need any equipment to do the work for you. Exercises require actual work, which is why they are considered the most legitimate way to increase normal penis size. While the exercises are fairly simple and straightforward, you do have to stay consistent and work for your size. But the size gains are impressive. Many guys have been able to increase normal penis size by inches.

Secrets to penis growth

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